Private Tutoring

Our highly trained Teaching Artists come to your home and offer academic tutoring in all subjects from Math to Reading to Science, Social Studies, and SAT Tutoring, test prep, and more.  We tailor each lesson to the strengths of your child, accessing his or her creativity in order to unleash brain power, release blocks, and ensure maximum connections to the curriculum.  Our Teaching Artists find innovative ways to incorporate drawing, roleplay, multimedia arts, interactive lessons, dance, music, theatre, manipulatives and puppets into the tutoring sessions so that each child is engaged.  This builds students’ self-esteem, allowing them to feel capable of tackling even the toughest math equation or science project with new energy and creative problem-solving.
Prices: $55 per hour, $45 for 45 min’s, or $40 for half hour for children under 6.
Two siblings or neighbors back-to-back for half hour each for $55, or 10% off sibling discount for 2 or more back-to-back hours.

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