New!!! A Performance by adults for children in public and private schools, non-profits and all settings.

“Harlem: A Renaissance”

A performance piece aimed at young audiences which will expose them to a time in American history previously untold with this level of specificity. This show will teach and inspire students about the Harlem Renaissance and its direct influence on American arts culture, while encouraging the celebration of history, community and multiculturalism.

MAASK Presents…

A troupe of talented and innovative young women with vast professional experience in their respective fields of Film & Television, Music and the Stage, each of whom works within the California school system as teaching artists.

The workshops encourage the building of individual self-confidence while establishing a cooperative ensemble. Students will learn the theatrical and technical aspects of a production through Dance, Theatre, Music, Performance Art and Visual Arts.  Programs will accommodate all class sizes and levels of stage experience of participating students and meet the curriculum requirements of Arts, History and English.

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