Aimee Art Productions proudly offers private and semi private piano lessons in the Los Angeles area.  The piano lessons may take place in your home or the home of the voice instructor, though most of the classes are offered in the Burbank, Glendale, Los Feliz, Hollywood, Pasadena, Altadena and Silverlake area.

Aimee Art Productions provides private and semi private lessons in the String Instruments including the cello, violin, bass guitar, viola, string bass and acoustic or electric guitar, as well as Percussion, Woodwinds and Brass.

Group music and voice lessons are also available in the Los Angeles area through Aimee Art Productions.  Songwriting, basic ear instruction, individual voice performance, and how to sing with the accompinament of guitar or piano are among a few of the music classes provided.  Group lessons generally take place in the Burbank, Glendale, Los Feliz, North Hollywood, Hollywood, Pasadena, Altadena and Silverlake areas.

Aimee and her highly qualified teachers offer private, semi-private, and small group music lessons in Aimee’s home studio or in your own home.  We offer instruction in piano, voice, guitar, cello, bass, and recorder from beginner to advanced.  Classes can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or one hour in length depending on the students’ age and ability level.  We strive to match each student with the teacher who best fits his/her learning style, temperament, and schedule.  Teachers are highly trained and experienced in instruction.  Recitals are held bi-annually with an emphasis on process, progress, and individual achievement rather than reaching a rigid standard of success or comparison to other musicians.  Clients are invoiced monthly and asked to sign a simple contract agreeing to weekly lessons and 24-hour cancellation notice.  A wonderful enriching musical experience!

MusicGroup Classes are available as well as Private and Semi-Private Music Lessons in piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums/percussion, voice, violin, viola, cello, string bass, recorder, clarinet and flute

Most of the following classes are also offered in a Parent-and-Me option, geared for students ages 18 months to 5 years and their caregivers. Contact us for more information!

Guitar & Photo Classes: Supplies Required. Children bring their own guitar or camera or we add a lab fee – email us for prices

Student Info form for recitals

Teaching Artist: Ali
Grades 4-5/Middle School
We study developmentally appropriate musical theatre songs from the classics; talk about story, character, protagonists, antagonists, moving from text to song (to dance), examine the songs for rhyme schemes, musical terms, character vernacular, and writing for the moment. We also discuss some musical theatre history, in broad terms.
Grades 4-5
We create an original musical. Story, book (including where songs will manifest); then lyrics, music, casting, staging; add costumes/sets; lighting and sound; perform!
Middle School
Students work alone/in pairs to create a slice of an original musical: a scene and a song, with the rest of the musical mapped out, scene by scene, including song placement and titles of songs. Then we cast, stage the pieces, and perform!

Jazz Lab
Teaching Artist: Matt Gordy
Grades: 8-12
This course is open to any student with an interest in learning to play jazz and blues. This includes all instruments. We need reed players, brass players, guitar players, keyboard players, bass players, vocalists, and percussionists. This is not a beginner course, but rather for the more intermediate and advanced student who has done Concert Band, Orchestra and/or Rock Band. A knowledge of chord symbols, ie. Cmaj7, C7, Cmin7, etc. is helpful, but not mandatory.
We will learn, as an ensemble; improvisation techniques, keeping a ‘groove’, learning to swing, and also Latin grooves, such as Bossa Nova, Samba and Salsa. We will also learn the blues in it’s different forms, 12/8, shuffle, etc.
If you are interested, please bring in a prepared piece of your choice to perform.

Magical Drums Show For Kids
Teaching Artist:
Pashyo Sarkin
Experience the Magic of African drumming. Get rhythm into your feet, your hands and voice and let your whole body express it. Play music from Ghana, Senegal and Guinea on buckets, shakers and African drums. Learn to improvise and play small solos. Invent your own rhythms and notice the beat that keeps us together in this universe of rhythm and fun.

Magical Drums, Songs & Dance
In this early childhood class, children start exploring music by moving to the rhythm and making sounds with their voices, hands and feet. The fundamentals of music are taught by using age appropriate instruments, like tuned percussion tubes, shakers and sound shapes. Children learn songs from Africa combining rhythm, melody and movement and are also encouraged to express their own creativity.

Magical Drums for Toddlers
Rhythm is a universal language that children understand right from the start. In this early childhood class, children get exposed to sounds, rhythms and songs. Learning by listening, imitating and participating, children explore age appropriate instruments, like percussion tubes, shakers, rattles and drums, move to the music and sing along.

Magical Drums Show “Rhythm of Life”
An interactive drum show presenting African, Brazilian and Indian music with audiences joining in with singing, drumming and dancing.

Summer Piano Camp
Music students have an opportunity to learn critical musicianship skills that are often neglected due to lack of time in a regular private lesson. This camp will feature lots of music theory and ear training games done in a group setting. Students are more motivated to succeed when working with their peers. The camp ensemble will produce a performance for the camp finale. Great fun for all in addition to all the learning. Camp dates July 8-12. Time: 9am to 3pm/ Cost: $250.00. Please call David Cutter (626)260-1615 for more information.

Drum As One Community
Teaching Artist: Najite Agindotan
This special program will share drum-rhythms and beats with family through song. This will include children songs, songs for boys and girls, celebration chants, and story telling with moral values. We will also incorporate native African dances such as the Kuku Youth Celebration Dance from Guinea and Ape Ape from the Yurba tribe.
As a son of a chief in Okpe land Najite will also share some aspects of the people in Okpe land-dance and information of the culture of his people. The class members will be introduced to the culture of the Yoruba people where Najite was born and raised in Nigeria, Africa.
Music is family. Music is fun. Music is the rhythm of life. Using Nigerian djembe drums of all sizes, connect with your child in this deep cultural and musical experience.

Rhythm and Truth: Kids Rock!
Teaching Artist: Summer Mencher
Grades: 3rd-6th
10 week program to run on Thursdays starting at 2:30PM (some flexibility if time needs to be earlier.) Students will have the opportunity to play a wide variety of success oriented instruments (drums, percussion, soothing sounds, guitar, ukulele, etc.), learn relaxation techniques through music, bring in their favorite songs to talk about, write their own songs, do beat making on the computer, record their own CD of the original, do their own album artwork, and play this song for their friends and family. These interventions are aimed at building self-esteem, improving sense of support and community, aiding in powerful self-expression, providing a safe container for intense emotion, being a release and a place of fun, success, and positive peer interaction.

Musical Adventures
Teaching Artist: Patrick Gutman
Ages 7-11
Students learn an introduction to various aspects of music and begin to slowly introduce themselves to the arts. This class is fun and interactive filled with games and active participation. The goal of the class is to inspire the students to have fun with all sorts of music, from singing, to drumming, to music bingo, a little acting, and more! Students will have a fun creative and outlet to through music!

Teaching Artist: Elena Wang
What if you love to sing AND dance? This class is a chance for you to learn how to sing your favorite songs and dance along with them at the same time! It will equip you with the skills to really perform them and be the star you believe you can be. This class will guarantee to bring out the ‘fun’ you!

Bailamos, Cantamos, Jugamos!: Spanish Music and Crafts
Teaching Artist: Aina Hevia
This class is a celebration and exploration of Spanish speaking cultures throughout the world, incorporating music, dance and crafts. We will learn folk songs and dances, as well as build our own instruments using household items. Concentrating mainly on Latin America, we have a rich musical history to draw from, one that incorporates Native Indian traditions, African and European traditions. How better to learn a language and further understand a culture than to sing, dance, and play?

French Chorus
Teaching Artist: Megan Fong
This course will focus on a multi-discilplinary (language, movement, reading) approach through fun, interactive french songs and games. Students will learn to sing ABCs, numbers 1-20, colors, and identify in French through dance/movement parts of the body. The course will also include basic Solfege reading skills and will incorporate basic French music vocabulary.

Multicultural Chorus
Teaching Artist: Megan Fong
Music Makes the World Go Round
Hola, Bonjour, Ni-Hau, Aloha! Discover new songs, rhythms and sounds of countries around the World this Winter-Spring with Ms. M. We don’t all come from the same cultural backgrounds, share the same spoken or written languages, or eat the same foods. One thing that all cultures of the world share though, is Music. During this course we will learn traditional and popular songs and dances from China, Central America, France and Ghana. Young singers will develop their voices, strengthen their ensemble skills and learn songs of the world.

High-School Musical
Teaching Artist: Michelle Hanley
Grades: K-6
Learn the basics from the popular movie trilogy – singing, dancing, and acting, combined with stretch and movement excercises. Group routines learned and performed.

Etiquette for Kids!
Teaching Artist: Naomi Carrington
Grades: 3-6
In this fun, interactive environment, kids practice their “occasion-appropriate” behavior and learn new social skills, dining etiquette, and role-playing activities.  This includes but is not limited to how to be a host/hostess, how to be a well-mannered and grateful guest, how to write an invitation and thank you note, etc.  All classes are filled with fun games, group discussions, etiquette puzzles, and many more ways to build self-confidence and social skills.  This class will end with a party that the students put on for their parents.

Music and Poetry
Teaching Artist:
Naomi Carrington
Grades: 3-6
This class brings together different forms of music (classical, jazz, etc.) with the art of poetry writing.  Students will learn to put the feelings evoked from the music into words.  This class will end with the recitation of their poems with the accompanying music.

Little Composers
Aimee Hopkins
Grades: Students 18 mo. To 5 years and their caregivers, or in family music class for 5 – 10 year olds
An early childhood music class focusing on a different composer each week including Mozart, Beethoven, the Beattles, Gershwin, Chicovsky and more. Students 18 mo. To 5 years and their caregivers, or in family music class for 5 – 10 year olds and their caregivers, will use developmentally appropriate instruments and props such as egg shakers, rhythm sticks, scarves, drums and more to move to the music, sing, dance, express their creativity and learn about composers throughout history and many cultures.  Favorites include Peter and the Wolf, the Nutcracker, I’ve Got Rhythm and Octopus’ Garden.  Come join the fun!

Pop Stars
Alina Hevia
Grades: Pre-K – grade 8 (also available as Parent-and-Me course)
Celebrate and learn about a different musical artist each week with a talented teaching artist and professional musician.  From the Beattles to Prince to Madonna, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper and more, this class will have children (and adults) of all ages singing, clapping, playing percussion instruments and learning some general music notation and theory through a fun musical experience in Pop!

“Indie Kids”
Instructor: Alina Hevia
Grades: Pre-K – grade 8 (also available as Parent-and-Me course)
Music and Movement class for ages 18 months to 3 years and their caregivers, focused on independent bands playing children’s music favorites such as “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Little Red Caboose.”  Some indie bands featured will be Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell, interspersed with kid-friendly music from Beirut, Ratatat, and Fitz and the Tantrums.  We will also learn some new kid songs from some of the pop and rock bands of today such as The Bare Naked Ladies and We Might Be Giants, which speak to the daily joys and tasks of parenthood.  Your child will develop an introduction to pitch awareness (high/low), rhythm sense (steady beat), tempo (fast/slow), dynamics (loud/soft), and other basic musical skills preparing him/her for further study and experience in music, math and reading.
Technique and Theory

Musicianship 1, 2 and 3
Teacher: Staff
Grades 1st and Up
Solid training makes the musician and is fun as is challenging! This three level class will enable the musician to become totally prepared for anything based on a firm understanding of theory, chords, counting and ear training. Learn to read and write music, ear training, counting and clapping as well as traditional and commercial harmony techniques!

History of Rock n’ Roll
Teacher: Amanda Johnson
Ages 5-12
Learn the history of Rock n’ Roll from Elvis and the Beatles to the popular Rock music of today like Green Day and Coldplay. Where did Rock n’ Roll come from, what events shaped this music, and who were the major players that put a name to Rock? We will listen to various artists and learn about their contributions to Rock n’ Roll as well as play instruments, sing, and dance to some of Rock’s greatest songs. Come be a part of Rock History!


Steve’s Ukelele Orchestra

Teacher: Staff
All ages

Ok, everybody loves little strange looking guitars that make a beautiful happy sound. It’s just a fact. Learn to a musician who plays the weird little thing that people will ask you what it is. Learn great Hawaiian songs and the best songs of Tin Pan Alley of the 1920’s and 30’s. Perform in an orchestra for friends and family! This crazy uke is here to stay!

Guitar Class / Guitar Orchestra
Teacher: Staff
All ages for Levels One, Two, Three
This class will show you the magic of a guitar ensemble. We will study scales, chords, many styles, jazz, blues, rock and classical, but we will put these skills to use in an ensemble that will give two recitals for friends and family!

Go Go Go Guitars!
Teacher: Amanda Johnson
Grades: K to 5th
In these awesome, interactive group guitar lessons for beginners, students will learn basic chords and some picking, the names of the strings and how to read chord charts, and how to play some simple songs to which we will sing along and enjoy.  We will also learn some music notation such as quarter notes, half notes, whole notes and more.  Class culminates in a performance for the community.


Piano Class / Piano Orchestra
Teacher: Staff
Grades: 1st and up
Come and join the fun and be in the piano orchestra! Play a part in the band while you learn to read music; Chords, theory, cadences and scales!

Starting with the Snare
Teacher: Brian McLaughlin
Grades: 4th and up
This class for beginners will concentrate on proper technique, basic reading and rudiments for the snare drum. Learning to play the snare is the starting point to understanding how to play, not only the drum set, but other percussion instruments as well.  It has direct application to marching band, orchestra playing and many other kinds of drumming.  Learning the basics will help determine if a student has the desire and aptitude to move on to the next level of percussive education.

The Backbeat Class (for Rock Drumming)
Teacher: Kallistratos Drakopoulos
Grades: 5th to 12th
A class that concentrates on Rock drumming, starting with the current modern Rock scene, but also going back through history. From The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, to U2, to Blink 182 and Linkin Park.  Teaching subjects will include Rock Techniques, Drum vocabulary and phrasing of various famous Rock drummers, Backbeat placement, Groove and time and lots more!

Percussion Ensemble
Teacher: Matt Fonda
Grades: 5th and up
A class that teaches group percussion performance. Students will select a melodic piece of popular music, learn written parts and perform the piece at the culmination of the class. Teaching topics will include stick and hand techniques, drum vocabulary and performance etiquette with an emphasis on self-discipline.

World Percussion
Teacher: Brian McLaughlin
Grades 7th and up
This class focuses on the exposure of traditional world music, with a concentration on their respective percussion instruments.  Music from the Middle East, India, Africa, and Latin America will be discussed and analyzed.  Students will also learn hands-on performing techniques and sound production for various frame drums.

Jeff Fish
Grades: K-2
A fun exciting and educational percussion/rhythm class where children will learn different rhythms, percussion instruments, sounds and textures.  Class will be “hands on” with children participating and playing music in every class., Children will learn rhythms and music from around the world.

Tin Can Percussion Ensemble
Sean Rainey
Grades: 3rd- 12th
Learn to make music with items found in your own home!  Garbage becomes musical; recyclables become artistic.  In the spirit of STOMP, students will work as a group to create a piece that will use their bodies, items from their home such as cans, buckets, bags, etc. and other items that will be provided. No musical background required; just a willingness to have fun and make some noise!

Rock “n” Roll Ensemble
Sean Rainey
Grades: 5th -12th
The instructor will lead a small group of instrumentalists/ vocalists in learning the fundamentals of developing a good “group sound.”  Using contemporary and classic pop/rock songs, we will work on dynamics, song structure, timing, groove and overall, a cohesive sound.  Class will include no more than two students per instrument and will feature a concert during the last class.

Voice Class
Teacher: Staff
Grades: 1st and up
Learning a simple method for singing is very important for any musician. We do this by controlling air and placing that air correctly. It is a fantastic thing to learn! Learn sight singing and performance techniques. We will record the student after the first lesson and then do a session at the end. See your miraculous progress!

Student Chorus
Teacher: Amanda Johnson
Grades: K to 5th
Students learn and perform age-appropriate songs with piano and guitar accompaniment. We will focus on musical theatre songs, Disney songs, original children’s music, folk songs, American traditional songs and spirituals, and other songs chosen by the students. Students will learn vocal technique, breath control, pitch-matching, rhythm and lyrics. Class culminates in an informal performance for the community.

Sing! Sing! Sing!
Teacher: Ali Mandelbaum
Grades: 4th and up
Like to sing, either alone or in a group?  This is the class for you…we sing some pop, Broadway, Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel…no one has to sing alone unless they want to!  Come on along and sing some old favorites and learn some new tunes!
Composition and Recording

Join the Rock B and that Records!
Teacher: Staff
Grades: 1st and up
This cool class brings all students together from the Gourmet Arts Program and forms a group that records original compositions! Each week record a four-song demo while you learn the recording business-then put your song on You Tube! How cool is that?

Popular Songwriting
Grades: 5th and up
Teacher: Matt Fonda
Brainstorming from life experience, students will compose songs using today’s top techniques for Popular music songwriting. We will discuss song structure, melody, lyrics and how they relate to today’s music. This class involves an appreciation for pop culture, creative songwriting and a performance of their original song.

American Folk Songs
Grades: 3rd and up
Teacher: Alina Hevia
This class will focus on American Folk songs and their structure.  The students will study basic music theory, as well as some of the rich history pertaining to American Folk singers and their stories.  Each student will write at least one folk song by the end of the term.

Open Mic
Teacher: Scott Sayre
Grades: 3rd and up
Students use their own lives and experiences to brainstorm ideas for original songs which we write together, in small groups, pairs, and individually.  We will learn about song structure by listening to and singing other songs and by discussing verse/chorus/verse form and other forms.  Class culminates in a coffeehouse style Open Mic for the community.

Songwriting for All Ages
Teacher: Staff
Grades: 3rd and up
Unlock the door to endless songs! We study songwriting through the magic of meditation: learning to still the mind and listen for musical inspiration! This will be helped by studying various musical styles; chord structures and breaking diatonic rules. (Students must use a harmonic instrument to accompany their music.) We will record each student’s song at the end of the semester.

Recording Class: The Basics
Teacher: Staff
Grades: 3rd and up
The art of digital recording is incredible! Learn it! We will work with Garage Band, Cubase, Pro-Tools. These programs while challenging, work much in the same way; recording! Learn to copy parts, get levels, and study recording techniques and above all record two songs you can play for your friends and family.

Live Sound Reinforcement
Teacher: Matt Fonda
Grades: 5th and up
Students will learn about sound system components, understand how a mixing board works and mix live performances. The class will set-up microphones, learn the basics of signal flow, equalization, cross-overs and room acoustics. Special topic will include micing techniques, system troubleshooting and auditory perception.

Beginning Music

Music for Pre-schoolers
Teacher: Alina Hevia
Music with Alina is a fun exploration of folk and traditional music from all over the world.  The eclectic mix of music and the quick pace of the class will keep kids engaged and moving. We’ll spend time mastering fine and gross motor skills, keeping the beat, and singing in tune. Instruments used in class can immediately be mastered by the children, and the songs will foster creativity, self-expression, and spontaneous singing!

With Expert Teaching Artists Alina Hevia and Amanda Johnson
Preschool to 3rd
Course Description:   Making Music! is a fun exploration of folk and traditional music from all over the world.  The eclectic mix of music and the quick pace of the class will keep kids engaged and moving.  The children can master instruments used in class, and the songs will foster creativity, self-expression, and spontaneous singing!  Whether they are clicking rhythm sticks in the air, rattling egg-shakers in a circle, or doing a free-style dance with scarves, children are captivated by the immediacy, beauty, and fun of music in this incredible class full of non-stop music!

Music for Kindergarten and First Graders
Teacher: Alina Hevia
Music with Ms. Alina is an exploration of music from around the world.  Utilizing traditional “play party” songs, basic concepts like rhythm, pitch and tempo will be covered, as well as more complex group singing, like rounds and partner songs.  Each class will have something for the visual, the auditory and the kinesthetic learner. We’ll take the passive out of music and make it active!

Drumming w/ Dad (or Mom) Bucket Percussion & Gogo Music Workshop
Ages: 18 mos parent and me up to adult
Do you feel the beat in everything you do? Children love playing drums and exploring the world of music with their parents and in the company of other children. In the right hands, a bucket can be a wonderfully source of creative rthymn and musical inspiration.  Students will be introduced to various styles of music with strong percussion elements. The music will include latin music from the caribbean such as salsa and soca. Music will also include reggae. The students will learn basic drum stick techniques, rhythm exercises and rhythm patterns based on GoGo music bucket percussion.  Students will also learn how to play in an ensemble.

Private Music

Aimee and her highly qualified teachers offer private, semi-private, and small group music lessons in Aimee’s home studio or in your own home.  We offer instruction in piano, voice, guitar, cello, bass, and recorder from beginner to advanced.  Classes can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or one hour in length depending on the students’ age and ability level.  We strive to match each student with the teacher who best fits his/her learning style, temperament, and schedule.  Teachers are highly trained and experienced in instruction.  Recitals are held bi-annually with an emphasis on process, progress, and individual achievement rather than reaching a rigid standard of success or comparison to other musicians.  Clients are invoiced monthly and asked to sign a simple contract agreeing to weekly lessons and 24-hour cancellation notice.  A wonderful enriching musical experience!

Private music lessons- $55/hour $45/45-minutes $40/half-hour

*We also offer semi-private and group rates.  Please inquire.*

Student Info form for recitals

2015 Spring Music Recital Registration


After-School Group Classes$75-$100/class hour depending on distance, number of students, and number of classes back-to-back

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