“Aimee has provided me with Music students through her Aimee Arts for over two years. I am one of her current roster of music instructors under “Aimee Arts Entertainment”. On every account, she has been an excellent communicator and a fair boss. It may be unusual to praise your employer while still under an employment contract, but life is short, and Aimee has done an excellent job working with both her clients and instructors. Aimee did not solicit this recommendation. – Karl www.PianoWithKarl.com, private music teacher.”
-Karl Steudel

“My daughter plays two instruments with two different teachers from Aimee’s Art Production. Both teachers are creative and inspiring, and they never fail to be there with my daughter during the various yearly recitals. I know with their guidance and Aimee’s assistance, my daughter has overcome her initial feeling of stage fright. This past Holiday Recital was the first time my daughter introduced herself and her selections on the microphone prior to the performance. The recital time truly is another way to help build self esteem. Bravo!”
– Aletha Rodgers, mother of Kaylee, violinist and pianist, age 9

“Our daughter’s lessons have been so motivating and engaging for her. She has such a great time, she doesn’t even realize how hard she’s working. And the approach is so positive, that she always feels great about what she has accomplished.”

“Our family greatly appreciates the flexibility and artistry of our piano teacher, Miss Jessica. Ms. Jessica is willing to combine music theory and standard pieces along with contemporary music that the children select. She has helped our daughters prepare for their school talent show and accommodated their requests to learn Christmas music. We have loved working with a musician who has found ways of helping our children tap into their musical abilities. Thank you Aimee for hiring such inspiring artists that bring music right into our living room and into our hearts. ”

“We love the recitals for dance, how the children sit with their own family and it’s not on a big stage with everyone backstage, not high pressure.  Just right for their age.  I’ve been to other recitals where the children all backstage waiting for a long time, missing their parents, not knowing what to do.  This was light and fun and age-appropriate, so positive.  We weren’t even sure if she would dance, but she did.  She had a great experience.  We all loved it.”
– Fawn Vu, mother of a 3-year-old dancer (Weds. 4 pm class)

“We love the compliment at the end of every class. How it is specific and affirming- it is only for them. We love the two stars and a wish because it is positive while also letting them know where they can work to be better. They get a ton of individual assistance and are seen as individuals. They love to dance. We also love that the costumes for the recital are affordable.  That is a big deal. Other companies do not keep budgets in mind. We love the potluck. We love the creativity.. we love you and your team. We love the use of teenage assistance- it gives them a role model close to their age….”
-Stacey ZIonts, mom of Hope (Weds. 5 pm class) and Stella (Sat. 10 am class)

“I have worked with Aimee for many years…She has always been professional, supportive, creative  and a special friend.”

“Arts therapies may have their greatest impact on youth. They do not bear the stigma of therapy and can accommodate the intensity of the adolescent experience.  The work of youth tends to be autobiographical in nature, which renders the self revelatory value of the arts therapies even greater. Identifying and addressing problems before the age of 10 may prevent lifelong agression, substance abuse, and risky health behavior. ”
-Ms. Ping Ho, M.A., M.P.H. And executive director, UCLArts and Healing.

“It’s as much about building self-esteem as it is about having fun!”
-James Scheider, Studio A Dance parent

Yoga with DM
“I noticed that at first I thought Yoga was easy but then as I was going thru it I realized it was hard. Some of the poses were actually fun, like the tunnel and the game where you pass the animal.”
-Melanie, age 7, 2nd grade – Studebaker Elementary with Stone Soup

High School Musical with Teacher Michelle
“We learned what a body isolation is. A body isolation is when you move one part of your body.
-Lucia, age 7, 1st grade – Glenfeliz Elementary

Beatles Art and Murals with Ms. Angela
“This project was SO cool! Ms. Angela created a great mural with the kids! And the kids were great!”
-Julio Gosdinski, Site Coordinator at Glenfeliz Elementary

Marbling with Ms. Madeleine
“My child loved all the neat pictures she got to create. The exercises were imaginative and we enjoyed all the toddler-appropriate exercises.”
-Parent at Camelot Kids Pre-school

Brazilian Dance and Movement with Sarah Peters
“My favorite part was learning the steps. I learned Maku LeLe, the Box Step and much more.”
-Eva, age 8, 3rd grade at Franklin Ave Elementary School

Go Go Guitars with Amanda Johnson
“Amazing to see such young children playing the guitar. They even did solos!”
-Visitor for Culmination at Franklin Ave Elementary

Go Go Guitars with Amanda Johnson
“My favorite part was doing my performance. I learned how to play “I Love Rock ‘N Roll. And I learned how to play as a group.”
-Aurora, age 8, 2nd grade at Franklin Ave Elementary

Storybook Musical with Mrs. Jasmine
“I really enjoyed the show especially the fact that they weren’t taught what to do but instead created every part themselves. I love the question section at the end and the importance Jasmine placed on their work.”
-Fellow Teaching Artist, Jessi Beach at the Culmination – Rio Hondo Elementary with Stone Soup

Sculpting and Woodworking with Jesse Robinson
“My favorite part of the class was making the bird house. I learned to share and help others with anything they need.”
-Nick, age 11 – 5th grade at Maxon Elementary with Stone Soup

International Dance with Tehnai
“My favorite part is when we do the drum solo because we get to dance our own moves.”
– Annahi, age 10, grade 4 at Jersey Elementary School with Stone Soup

PD Testimonials — Here is what teachers said about Ms. AImee’s presentation at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference on March 3rd, 2012 on
“The Building Blocks of Music” for K/1 students and Pre-K
Assessment of Southern California Kindergarten Conference
“Fun. Great involvement for adults and kids”
Instruments were great and moments around the room.
“Thank you for the free CD. Great Job inspiring. I need to dust off my instruments and use them Monday! :)”
“Loved the presentation and the boomwhackers!”
“Excellent! So generous with resources and CDs and booklet!”
“Got some great ideas to use with my students”
“Lots of great ideas I can use now! Super job!”
“Very informative and fun!”
“Great break down of music instruction. Loved it!”
“Learned much useful info – a lot of fun – hands on.”
“Awesome ideas to implement instruments in the classroom. Hands-on workshop is always the best way to learn and take back to class.”


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