Parent-and-Me Classes

Aimee Art Productions provides Interdisciplinary Parent-and-Me courses where you can learn anything from cooking to making instruments and playing them.  Group classes are provided throughout Los Angeles and are a great way for you and your child to delve deeper into their creative selves in some quality time together.   Teaching Artists approach writing, movement and film with an artistic flair providing classes such as storytime yoga, percussion, marbling, visual art, dance and more.  All classes include an opportunity for young children to interact with their parents or caregivers and with the art materials and music in age-appropriate ways.  Rather than a parent creating the work of art for their child while the child watches, parents and caregivers are encouraged to work together with their young artists to get a little messy and create something memorable, whether it is fingerpainting, dipping paper into marbled paint, banging a drum to a “Beatles” song, or moving little bodies to classical music.  Age ranges for Parent-and-Me classes begin at 18 months to 3 years and go up from there, including group classes for ages 3-6 years, and 6-10 years.  Classes are also offered with a dual language focus, such as Spanish or French, for those who are interested.

Class Offerings:

Drum As One Community
Teaching Artist: Najite Agindotan
This special program will share drum-rhythms and beats with family through song. This will include children songs, songs for boys and girls, celebration chants, and story telling with moral values. We will also incorporate native African dances such as the Kuku Youth Celebration Dance from Guinea and Ape Ape from the Yurba tribe.
As a son of a chief in Okpe land Najite will also share some aspects of the people in Okpe land-dance and information of the culture of his people. The class members will be introduced to the culture of the Yoruba people where Najite was born and raised in Nigeria, Africa.
Music is family. Music is fun. Music is the rhythm of life. Using Nigerian djembe drums of all sizes, connect with your child in this deep cultural and musical experience.

Octopus Garden

I’d like to be under the sea
In an octopus’ garden in the shade!!
Teaching Artist:Angela Perino
Ages: 18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers

Come create an octopus garden with Miss Angela and all your friends in Discovery! Let’s paint coral, waves and seaweed, sculpt an octopus, and create imaginary creatures that live just outside the octopus’ cave! We will use a variety of media and techniques to make our imaginary octopus’ garden come to life. We will also read stories about the ocean, sing about sea creatures and learn to dance like an octopus! On the last day of class, see all of your artwork put together in  fantastic mural!

Percussion Ensemble
Teaching Artists:Mara Bassani-Santamaria, Staff
Ages: 18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
¡Vamos a tocar percusion!
A fun and exciting class where children learn basic notes using percussion instruments. Class will be “hands on” with children participating and playing music in every class.  Come join the music, movement, singing, dancing, and body percussion!

Ukele Orchestra
Teaching Artists: Daniel Corral, Tehani Serreal, Staff
Ages: 3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
Learn the basics of music with a Uke, an instrument that is relatively uncomplicated.
The ukulele has the advantage of being a small instrument, great for youngsters and for seniors alike.  You’ll learn how to play the most common chords, how to change chords comfortably and cleanly, and how to accompany your own singing.

Teaching Artists: DM Osborne, Joanne Esser, Staff
Teaching Artist:  DM Osborne
Ages: 2-3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
When parent meets child on the yoga mat, wild and wonderful things begin to happen—from double down dogs to twisted partner pretzels.  Learn and laugh alongside your youngster as you explore yoga through kinesthetic games and challenging sequences. Registered yoga teacher and certified YogaEd instructor D.M. Osborne will also illuminate for parents the specific benefits of yoga for grown-up and developing bodies and brains.

Drumming with Dad (or Mom) – Bucket Percussion and Gogo Music Workshop
Teaching Artists: Jaron Lawson, Staff
Ages: 18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
Do you feel the beat in everything you do? Children love playing drums and exploring the world of music with their parents and in the company of other children. In the right hands, a bucket can be a wonderfully source of creative rthymn and musical inspiration.  Students will be introduced to various styles of music with strong percussion elements. The music will include latin music from the caribbean such as salsa and soca. Music will also include reggae. The students will learn basic drum stick techniques, rhythm exercises and rhythm patterns based on GoGo music bucket percussion.  Students will also learn how to play in an ensemble.  For more information on Bucket Percussion and Gogo Music, please see below:
*  GoGo is an urban music form developed in and around Washington D.C. in the late 70’s and is still performed today. Chuck Brown, a pioneer of GoGo music gained commercial popularity with songs like “Bustin’ Loose.” Two GoGo groups that are still very popular are , Junkyard Band and EU. Wikipedia has an accurate description and definition:
Street performing bucket percussionists in D.C. were heavily influenced by GoGo music. The Blue man group, STOMP! the Broadway performance, and many others have incorporated the bucket percussion style seen on the streets of D.C. Here are a couple of links, DC GoGo, Blue Man Group, STOMP!

Arts in Action
Teaching Artists: Angela Perino, Caitlin Lainoff, Mrs. Jasmine
Ages: 18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
Dynamic and super fun hands-on visual art and movement class for budding young artists. Focused primarily on the work of French Impressionists, children paint with hands and feet, play musical chairs painting and more all while exploring their creative messy side, developing their imagination and encouraging their ability to think creatively. Super popular class fills up early.

Little Composers Family Music Class
Teaching Artists: Aimee Hopkins, Jovana Radovic, Mrs. Jasmine, Staff
Ages: 18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
Get ready to get your groove on from Beethoven to the Beatles.  Each week we focus on a different composer including Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, the Beatles, Gershwin and more as we learn about music, composers, and even bands. Favorites include Peter and the Wolf, the Nutcracker, I’ve Got Rhythm and Octopus’ Garden. Children use developmentally appropriate instruments and props such as egg shakers, rhythm sticks, scarves and drums to move sing, dance and make a little music.  This rich sensory environment helps to increase both fine and gross motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination. Come join the fun!

“Baby Signs – Language & Movement “Baby Signs – Language & Movement –
Teaching Artists:Mara Bassani-Santamaria, Staff
Ages:  18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
Being able to communicate with your child is important.  That’s why there has been such a boom with Baby Signs!  Parents around the country are connecting with their babies & toddlers like never before. These parents not only communicate with their children, but they also enhance their child’s motor skills, while simultaneously introducing another language.  It has been proven to psychologically, physically, and socially, benefit your child. Best of all, babies love it; they feel the connection. In this class, Baby Signs will be taught, accompanied by storytelling, movement, and music oriented activities.

Art-astic” –
Teaching Artists:  Angela Perino, Mrs. Jasmine, Caitlin Lainoff
Ages:  18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
Toddlers and their caregivers will create awesome projects inspired by beautiful children’s literature through multicultural experiences where both children and parents can INTERACT with materials such as sand, clay, paper, and glue sticks.  This is not just children watching parents make a craft–you will actually get to do hands-on projects with your child that you will treasure forever such as a “Touch and Feel” type book with cotton, tin foil, etc. inspired by Pat the Bunny, creating a time capsule based on the pop-up book, Time, in which children place their first words and pictures and decorate the container, a sand shaker based on the Starfish book, a scaly fish based on Rainbow Fish, a decorated T-shirt based on That’s Not My Dolly, a castle from different eras based on the Fairy book, placemats based on Brown Bear, Brown Bear and more!  Local teaching artist and visual artist Caitlin Lainoff (MFA from CalArts, Larchmont Charter teacher, puppetry teacher from Plaza de la Raza, scene and set designer, among others!) guides children and parents through this series of projects and exploration, even introducing some basic elements of visual art such as line, color, contrast, and texture.  Come enjoy the fun of art, literature, and even some wiggling to music in between!

“Around The World With Fairy & Folk Tales Through Music & Movement” –
Teaching Artists: Alina Hevia, Staff
Ages:  18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
Folk tales, fairy tales and nursery rhymes read aloud, then the fun begins as the kids sing, chant, dance and pantomime the songs that accompany them. (”Jack Be Nimble”, “Ms. Mary Mack,” “Cinco Patitos/5 Little Ducklings”). Finger plays and puppets also include (”Old Macdonald,” “5 Little Monkeys,” “Where Is Thumbkin,” “5 Little Pumpkins/Ducks/etc.”)

“Instrument Making & Percussion” –
Teaching Artists: Sarah Peters, Staff
Ages:  18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
Families make their own egg shakers, drums, rain sticks and guitars and play them in rhythms to macro beats and micro beats as well as play-a-longs to music from all cultures including our own.

“Down on the Farm”
Teaching Artists: Sarah Peters, Staff
Ages:  18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
This is an assemblage class that involves creating a farm scene from craft supplies, and found and recycled objects. Children and parents design and build a 3-dimensional project representing animals, barns, fences and anything else they want on their very own farm.  A great class for team-building as well as layout and design.  Teaching artist also incorporates songs, stories, books and manipulatives related to farm life, including stuffed animals, puppets, dolls and toys.  And of course, we will sing “Old MacDonald,” “Vengan a Ver,” and so much more!  Come on down to the farm!

“Mysteries of Marbling”
Teaching Artists: Madeleine Zygarewicz, Caitlin Lainoff, Staff
Ages:  18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
Tots ages 18 months to 3 years and their caregivers get a chance to make art together with marbling.  Get a little messy together as you make stationery, paper goods, books, and more.  Your child’s kinesthetic, visual, and tactile modalities will be stimulated as he or she gets “into” art with you.  This class will teach the easy and beautiful art of marbling. It’s fun and fast and full of surprises. Paint is dripped onto a tray of liquid, swirled around and then transferred to paper.

“Indie Kids”
Teaching Artists: Alina Hevia, Staff
Ages:  18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
Come learn, play, sing and move with your child to contemporary music (”Indie” artists).  Imagine beloved childhood favorites such as “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “Little Red Caboose” sung by your favorites like Lisa Loeb, and Elizabeth Mitchell, interspersed with kid-friendly music from Beirut, Ratatat, and Fitz and the Tantrums. In addition, learn some new kid-songs sung by the pop and rock bands of today like The Bare Naked Ladies, and We Might Be Giants, which may speak to your heart about the daily joys and tasks of parenthood.  Your child will develop musical skills such as pitch awareness (high/low), rhythm sense (steady beat), tempo (fast/slow), and dynamics (loud/soft).  Applying these skills in fun, interactive, and age-appropriate ways with you as his/her model, little ones will obtain a strong musical foundation, nurturing motor skills and brain development for later study in music, math and reading.  Use scarves, percussion instruments, bells, rhythm sticks, and creative movement to experience this multi-faceted early childhood music class with a fun, upbeat musical feel.

Art Moves Me
Teaching Artist: Angela Perino, Staff
Ages:  18 months – 3 years/3-6 years/7-10 years and Caregivers
This class is designed to combine movement and physical activity with art making. Our inspiration will be action painting and we will look at the work of Jackson Pollock. Classes will explore a variety of ways that we can create art through movement and physical activity. Lessons will include painting with hands and feet, drawing the world’s longest line (an activity in which the children will use markers to draw continuous lines along a winding “maze” of paper), musical chairs painting, drawing “dancing silhouettes”, painting with bubbles, and we will collaboratively recreate a Jackson Pollock painting as well. Circle time will include songs with movement and dance, stories that are art oriented and/or are known books distinctively for outstanding illustrations.

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