Language Immersion

Class descriptions:

Dual Language Theatre [DLT] with David Guerra
50/50 model – Spanish/English
Theatre for Youth
This class is designed to promote enjoyment and the appreciation for all aspects of theatre. Teaching artists will guide youth participants through various movement and voice exercises, character development, theatre games, improvisation, music and acting. Developing critical thinking skills and confidence, the class culminates in a grand performance. Download program here.

Magical Drumming with Pashyo Sarkin
Parent and Me up to adult
Rhythm is the foundation of music.  We start in the beginning and use our bodies and voices to create rhythms.  We play African rhythms with sticks, buckets, shakers and African drums and invent our own rhythms, always noticing the beat that keeps us together.

Moviemiento! with Mara Bassani-Santamaria
Parent and Me up to adult

¡Movimiento!  Movement, Learning Spanish!
Learn and review basic Spanish language, through movement. This non-traditional approach to language learning is filled with energetic activities that encourage the use of new words and phrases in Spanish. Students will learn numbers, colors, animals, foods, places, family members, and more, while at the same time, moving around and having fun. ¡Que Bueno!

World Folk Dance with Tehani Sarreal
Ages: Parent and Me up to adult

Simple folk dances are danced all over the world by young and old alike within every country, every language and every celebration.  From India to West Africa to Russia to the United States and more, folk dances are a simple way of creating community through celebration and recreation.  This class will have a special focus on Latin Dance, including Samba,Meringe, Salsa, and more, as well as Hawaiian dance.  Class will emphasize Spanish language and culture but will also incude Hawaiian, Portguese, and West African dance vocabulary.

Percussion Ensemble (Spanish/English)
Ages: 18 mos parent and me up to adult
¡Vamos a tocar percusion!
A fun and exciting class where children learn basic notes using percussion instruments. Class will be “hands on” with children participating and playing music in every class.  Come join the music, movement, singing, dancing, and body percussion!

Ukulele Orchestra (English)
Ages: 18 mos parent and me up to adult
Learn the basics of music with a Uke, an instrument that is relatively uncomplicated. The ukulele has the advantage of being a small instrument, great for youngsters and for seniors alike.  You’ll learn how to play the most common chords, how to change chords comfortably and cleanly, and how to accompany your own singing.

Yoga (French/Spanish)
Ages: 18 mos parent and me up to adult
When parent meets child on the yoga mat, wild and wonderful things begin to happen—from double down dogs to twisted partner pretzels.  Learn and laugh alongside your youngster as you explore yoga through kinesthetic games and challenging sequences. Registered yoga teacher and certified YogaEd instructor D.M. Osborne will also illuminate for parents the specific benefits of yoga for grown-up and developing bodies and brains.

Drumming w/ Dad (or Mom) Bucket Percussion & Gogo Music Workshop (English)
Ages: 18 mos parent and me up to adult
Do you feel the beat in everything you do? Children love playing drums and exploring the world of music with their parents and in the company of other children. In the right hands, a bucket can be a wonderfully source of creative rthymn and musical inspiration.  Students will be introduced to various styles of music with strong percussion elements. The music will include latin music from the caribbean such as salsa and soca. Music will also include reggae. The students will learn basic drum stick techniques, rhythm exercises and rhythm patterns based on GoGo music bucket percussion.  Students will also learn how to play in an ensemble.

Art-tastic !! (French /English)
Ages: 18 mos parent and me up to adult
Dynamic and super fun hands-on visual art and movement class for budding young artists. Focused primarily on the work of French Impressionists, children paint with hands and feet, play musical chairs painting and more all while exploring their creative messy side, developing their imagination and encouraging their ability to think creatively. Super popular class fills up early.

Little Composers Family Music Class (French /English)
Ages: 18 mos parent and me up to adult
Get ready to get your groove on from Beethoven to the Beatles.  Each week we focus on a different composer including Mozart, Beethoven, the Beatles, Gershwin and more as we learn about music, composers, and even bands. Favorites include Peter and the Wolf, the Nutcracker, I’ve Got Rhythm and Octopus’ Garden. Children use developmentally appropriate instruments and props such as egg shakers, rhythm sticks, scarves and drums to move sing, dance and make a little music.  This rich sensory environment helps to increase both fine and gross motor skills and develop hand-eye coordination. Come join the fun!

Latin Dance Spanish and English
Ages: 18 mos parent and me up to adult
Come feel the rhythm as children learn the basics of Salsa, the Cha-Cha, Samba, Maranga and more.  This music and movement class is designed to strengthen coordination, build flexibility and enhance gross motor skills with a major focus on FUN!  Class will culminate in a dance performance for family and friends. Great for boys and girls alike.

Jewelry  English
Ages: 18 mos parent and me up to adult
Don’t just wear jewelry….make it!  In this class children (and parents) create fabulous works of jewelry from all sorts of materials.  Learn how to make your own paper beads for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.  We’ll also explore different techniques for making beads with polymer clay and fun macramé friendship bracelets. Perfect for gifts for the coming holiday season.

Circus Kids Spanish and English
Ages: 18 mos parent and me up to adult
No need to run off to join the circus! Our fantastically fun creative movement and music class focuses on basic circus apparatus (juggling, baton and ribbon twirling, hula-hoop) so you can perform your own acts of wonder at home. Each week children build on skills and routines to culminate in a performance demonstration.  Provides an environment rich with a diverse array of stimulating activities that promotes gross and fine motor skills and creative movement. Popular class that fills up quickly.

After School German Course
Parent and me to 8th grade
Teaching Artist: Samantha Macher
Objective: To learn and apply basic knowledge of German language and culture in a fun and interactive classroom setting.
Students will be able to recite the alphabet, count up to twenty and learn basic vocabulary including colors, foods, animals, clothing, and simple sentences. Older students will be able to communicate their name, nationality, age and interests by the end of the course.
The cultural component will include the preparation and eating of traditional German foods, listening to traditional music and discussion of German fairy tales. Older students will also perform short scenes (dialogues) of plays in German.

French Music Time
Teaching Artist:
Mrs. Jasmine
Allons-y!  From Raffi to Charlotte Diamond to the classic French folk songs, Mrs. Jasmine will knock your socks off with songs, movement, instruments, and interactive fun with French music.  From the play-party song, “Sur le Pont d-Avignon” to the nursery rhyme “Alouette,” from the beloved “Frere Jacques” with bells to “J’ai Perdu le Do” with kazoos, to “Les En Villages” with movement and “Embrasse Quatre Fois” with hugs, Mrs. Jasmine creates joy, rhythm and musical enrichment with her age-appropriate blend of songs and language immersion.  Chanter!  Your child will come home singing, dancing, and speaking more French!

Spanish Music Time
Teaching Artist:
Ms. Megan Fong
Andele!  From “Palo Palo” from the Dominican Republic with rhythm sticks to “La Bamba” to the Mexican Hat Dance with sombreros, Ms. Megan takes your preschooler on a musical journey through Spain, Central America, South America, and the Spanish-speaking U.S. with her beautiful array of cancions.  Her beautiful voice, rhythm, and guitar playing will inspire your child to sing, learn about pitch, and speak Spanish.  Other favorites include “Don Alfredo Baila” from Catalon, “Maria Isabel” from Spain, “Des Colores” from Mexico, “Vengan a Ver” from Argentina and much more!  Come join the fun!  Arriba!  Ole!


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