Aimee’s Corner-Summer 2011

Aimee’s Corner
Aimee Art Productions: A Lean, Mean Art-Making Machine!
Son of an Otter, Son of a Wolf

In these times of budget cuts and economic crisis, there is one thing we can depend on: change.  At Aimee Art Productions, we are changing with the times and adjusting our practices to the current situation, working with Booster Clubs, PTA’s and small parent groups to provide high quality arts instruction to students from diverse backgrounds in a variety of settings.  But one thing that has not changed is the quality of our service:  We deliver TRANSFORMATION of students’ lives.  Students are grounded in a level of self-esteem through their work with us that becomes the foundation for a life-time of creative problem-solving, teamwork, joy, and productivity, which applies to every subject, project, or job they will have in the future.  There is no price-tag you can put on this service.  It has immense value, and parents and administrators know that.


At the same time, we all feel the crunch of our budgets, whether we are a school, a family, a non-profit, or a district.  And that is why at Aimee Art Productions, we are committed to delivering a high quality service at honest prices which are affordable for ALL families.  Through our work with the Music Center and Stone Soup Child Care, we are able to bring the highest quality of arts education to students at-risk and to low-income students because we are funded through grants and partnerships, at no cost to the students.  We have provided everything from International Dance to Woodworking to Capeoira to Musical Theatre at these schools in El Monte, Whittier, Redondo Beach, Valencia, Santa Fe Springs, and more for the last several years.


At schools like Franklin Avenue Elementary, King Middle School, Glenfeliz Elementary, Delevan Drive Elementary, and Hancock Park Elementary, we are funded through the Booster Clubs, PTA’s and small parent groups where, for a small ticket price, students can participate in incredible high-energy after-school programs such as Zumba Hiphop, Irish Dance Drama, Pre-K Music Therapy, High School Musical, Beatles Art and Murals and more.


At studios and preschools such as Camelot Kids Preschool, Children’s Playhouse, Language Garden Preschool and Paintbox Kids, we have offered enrichment classes such as Indie Kids, Ladybug Picnic, Instrument Making and Percussion, and more, to families for a reasonable price at the highest level with top artists in their field.


Through our private music lessons in all instruments, artists drive to families homes and provide affordable private lessons which teach to each child’s strengths whether they are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.  Children learn to read music, play their instrument, and perform in recitals in a nurturing, loving and supportive environment.


We are able to do this because our overhead is low and we have a strong mission of service and gratitude.  I work out of my home office with my DBA and have a part-time bookkeeper and an assistant. We are not a large corporation with a lot of expenses or payroll.  Our Teaching Artists are Independent Contractors who are TB-tested and Livescanned and who are educators and artists in their own rights, and are doing this work for a variety of companies and non-profits throughout the city.  We are able to pay them competitive rates for what they do, and keep our costs low, covering supplies and travel and our administrative costs, without a lot of padding.  For several years, even in the current economy, I have been able to pay all my artists, staff, and myself, provide jobs for others, and provide great service to schools and families due to our strong work ethic and simple business plan.


Thank you for being a part of what we do.  We are a grassroots small business, person-to-person, on the ground running, guitars on our backs, drums and art supplies in our cars, and sheet music in our totebags.  We are passionate arts providers and we are grateful for your partnership in this important work with our young artists!  Thank you for all you do!


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